Instant Memory Cleaner


Effective tool to free RAM space



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Your computer works slower than usual? Does it block when working on a task or executing a certain program? Then your computer probably doesn't administer the RAM memory in an efficient way.

With Instant Memory Cleaner you can quickly free RAM memory space. This simple application can be found in the system bar and shows you the RAM occupation at any time.

If the number of free MB reaches a critical level, restore it. The program works as follows: force out some pages residing in the memory and reduce the size of the running processes to the minimum.

The Instant Memory Cleaner icon in the system bar shows a different color depending on the condition of the system. Green means that more than 30% of the RAM memory is available. Yellow means between 10% and 30% and red means less than 10%.

The author recommends to let that Windows manages the memory when the icon is green.
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